IndieWeb Part 4: Cleaning Up

During the past few days, I have noticed some things that need to be looked into up here in terms of IndieWeb functionality. Not sure if anyone else has noticed, and not sure whether this issue is with WordPress itself or with the third-party IndieAuth enabled services I have connected, but either way, I am going to attempt to assist the IndieWeb community by finding out and potentially fixing what I can. I will be honest and admit my very limited knowledge of PHP, however, it is a seemingly simple language to pick up (if others disagree, please discuss in comments because I want to hear!) so providing I can keep my focus in one place (though I won’t be the first to state that is oftentimes more difficult for me than not), I might be able to fix a plugin or two by the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020 at the latest.

Current Situation With This Site

at the moment, I seem to be encountering an issue with my micropub endpoint where it is displaying a 500 error if posting content from third party applications. I have not touched anything in the configuration settings for the plugin, so if anyone has any ideas as to what to look for while troubleshooting, that would be appreciated. Noticed this yesterday or the day before that while attempting to compose a reply via Quill, which failed. The odd thing? My text-enabled check ins seem to be working just fine when posting from Swarm, so not sure what the difference is. Both services, at least to my knowledge, are running on the same infrastructure. I will provide updates for you if I find out anything interesting. I am sure I will at this point.

Updates on where I’ve Been

The past few months have been … interesting to put it lightly . While the circumstances are more than I want to go into on this blog, I will certainly tell you that it has not been a walk in the park.
In Light Of Recent Events

During this recent period, I have been considering a couple of ideas regarding this domain. In the not too distant future, there will be several services running off of this domain; a known site, for the purposes of experimentation and development while attempting to learn the PHP and C# languages. I need something valid that I can practice concepts.
I will also have both a Friendica and a nextCloud instance, both as proofs of concept as well as functionality. RSS and other social feed functions will be handled by a self hosted Aperture instance. We need more of them out there, considering right now, as far as I can tell, only one that exists is the developer’s own. In order for the IndieWeb to thrive, everyone needs to do their part. I will do mine.
Dianda Comes
What I did not yet mention in the previous paragraphs is the fact that all of this will be hosted on a new personal server; getting a Dell PowerEdge R620 from the secondhand market. For those of you who kno me, her name’s Dianda. I will keep everyone posted as new developments appear.

This is not pretty. I’ve been forgetting seemingly lots of things lately. Whether it’s a technical term I used to know what it means, or whether it was to check on something at work, more often, it’s taken folks several reminders before I remember. And what’s worse? Having to act like everything’s all good in front of everyone else.