IndieWeb Part 4: Cleaning Up

During the past few days, I have noticed some things that need to be looked into up here in terms of IndieWeb functionality. Not sure if anyone else has noticed, and not sure whether this issue is with WordPress itself or with the third-party IndieAuth enabled services I have connected, but either way, I am going to attempt to assist the IndieWeb community by finding out and potentially fixing what I can. I will be honest and admit my very limited knowledge of PHP, however, it is a seemingly simple language to pick up (if others disagree, please discuss in comments because I want to hear!) so providing I can keep my focus in one place (though I won’t be the first to state that is oftentimes more difficult for me than not), I might be able to fix a plugin or two by the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020 at the latest.

Current Situation With This Site

at the moment, I seem to be encountering an issue with my micropub endpoint where it is displaying a 500 error if posting content from third party applications. I have not touched anything in the configuration settings for the plugin, so if anyone has any ideas as to what to look for while troubleshooting, that would be appreciated. Noticed this yesterday or the day before that while attempting to compose a reply via Quill, which failed. The odd thing? My text-enabled check ins seem to be working just fine when posting from Swarm, so not sure what the difference is. Both services, at least to my knowledge, are running on the same infrastructure. I will provide updates for you if I find out anything interesting. I am sure I will at this point.

IndieWeb Journey Part 3: Fooling With Themes

This will be a new experience for me; looks like in order to get everything to work as beautifully as I would like, I’m going to have to dabble with CSS, which should be fun. I’ve switched things up just a little bit, swapping Autonomie for IW26, both of which are respectable IndieWeb compatible themes, so thanks David Shanske for the inspiration.

Colors are still a work in progress, so keep that in mind if you see the webscape changing a bit more than normal over the course of the next few days. My goal is to find a means of getting all of the colors to match up to what is in my head, (sort of hard to do when color schemes are visible in one’s mind, but the eyes are often not on par, you know, side effect of being blind?) but look for red/blue variants, considering those are my two favourites. I’ll keep everybody updated as the times go on, so, stay tuned

My Indieweb Journey Part 2: Working On Finalizing Webmentions And Responses

I’ll say. this journey has been interesting, to say the least. For the most part, my site has been active consistently for several months, so that’s good. What still doesn’t feel verry consistent is the responses coming from outside. I still find that mentions from Twitterr are flaky, while check-ins from Swarm do show up, though the awarded coins do not. Like other webmentions, I have not been able to detect the discrepancy. I’ll be keeping you updated though once new information or developments come in. It’s been a learning experience so far.

Bridging IndieWeb and Steem Blockchain

Evening everyone. This is my first post where I combine both the power of the Indieweb and that of the Steem blockchain in one location, that of my own personal web site, rather than posting on Steem first. After reading mixed reviews of the Steempress plugin, I’ve taken the leap of faith; hopefully I’ll be able to drive more community engagement this way from both sides of the web.


The Current Problem


One of the most prominent issues that are facing us today are the number of technologies that are all built to accomplish the same thing, that of community engagement. Particularly the concepts behind the Fediverse, The IndieWeb, and social media blockchains. It’s very difficult to tell which, if any will win out in the end, but for now, I’m with everyone at once, trying to gain as much engagement as I possibly can, while considering the rewards secondary to the experience on Steem. Of course, they are part of it, for it would not be a proof-of-brain cryptocurrency otherwise, but let’s just see what happens with this. Will it succeed, or will it fail?