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Let’s talk about HTML5 live streaming. There are two competing technologies for it: DASH and HLS. They are terrible.
When both were implemented, there already existed several established, simple, standardized, and broadly supported options for live streaming video. Browsers wanted none of it.

Not exactly related to this … but when Javascript gets in the way, not only does it sometimes ruin the performance of stuff for regular users, but for the blind population, as well; take #OSTicket, for instance. A service desk system for open source communities. Great software, but the developers tend not to focus much on upgrade core components, and they create edit fields with JQuery.

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At IndieWebCamp Amsterdam I finally implemented unlisted posts for my website! This has been on my list for a while, and is a prerequisite for being able to do fancier things like posting full photo albums to my site, so I decided to take the plunge and finally get this done.
There has been some bra…

I have to say, that’s quite the work you did on that; stil trying to determine how applicable that would be for me. I can’t personally find a reason for using it at the moment, though.
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Outlook Web is basically useless on a slow internet connection.

It seems like every click requires a round-trip to the server before it acknowledges the click. Trying to reply to an email? Click “reply”, wait until the server acknowledges, then it opens the reply window.

This is exactly how not to…

I have never had that problem. but then again, I have 150/150 at home, and not sure what it is at work. Otherwise, aside from that, I like Outlook as a whole.