The best way to blog in 2020 by Ben WerdmüllerBen Werdmüller

I’ve been blogging – albeit not consistently on the same site – since 1998. That’s a long time in internet years, and in human years, and over time I’ve conditioned out any self-editing impulse I might have. I write, hit publish, and share. Done.
Because I’m fairly prolific, friends and colleagues o…

Thanks Ben for the great advice! I, unbeknownst to myself, have actually been following this sort of thing all along, I just needed to have read about it to discover what I have actually been doing.
A 2020 Goal

I decided in late October that I want to be off Facebook by the new year. I think the company is awful for a lot of reasons. At that time, the most recent reasons were Zuck saying Facebook wouldn’t prohibit political ads with outright lies in them. They also took down some pro-vaccine ads while le…

This is a wonderful goal, one which I wish I could share, as well. I can’t. I have friends that won’t move from because of groups, and I have the same problem.
A manual tweak for icons in the Syndication Links plugin (BoffoSocko)

I’m not sure why I had never manually done the fix before, but I’ve had issues1 2 with the Syndication Links plugin showing icons for the service and my old chrisaldrich.wordpress

Love this. My question, though. How does one get to work? I have tried to find a way to have all of my reads go to my site as such, but even with the Chrome extension, haven’t figured it out yet. I won’t proceed with this until the bugs are fixed.
Day 1: Lwa’s in Pre-Pre-Alpha by Jacky Alciné

First day of my IndieWeb Challenge for December and it’s going to be about Lwa. I think this whole week might be! I’ve released a “stable” candidate that lets you know what your site needs to work with it. Be sure to try it out and let me know what you think! I’ve also added a page to let you previe…

I just have to say. This is pretty great. I need to try it out; last couple of times gave a internal server error, though I am sure those have all been caught by now and fixed. Good luck, and I will tell you how it goes`! fo the win!
A Haiku

I overheard that
“Todd is such a dumpster fire”
Someone put him out!
I overheard that earlier this month and it cracked me up. I jotted it down because I thought I could do something with it like a drabble. I landed on a haiku, instead.
There were two ladies and the second one responded like thi…

All I have to say? Oh dear. That’s hilarious.

Looks like you are on a roll today. Good luck and more progress tomorrow. After all, progress breeds progress.