just discovered a slight annoyance yesterday. I installed the Brave browser on both of my workstations (my laptop Rand and my desktop Rammel), and when comparing with Google Chrome, why does Lastpass not generate passwords anymore on either one? Is anyone else having this problem? I run Windows 10 as an OS. Thanks for any tips.
This week has been a really crazy one so far. I can’t believe this, but not only did I oversleep, and dial my friends back line by accident yesterday, but I also somehow managed to forget to log off my computer last night? What in the world is wrong with me? Anyway, another week, same stuff.
Having a right hand that doesn’t work it’s rather difficult. I need to be able to do some programming, and for that, I kind of need a working set of hands. I think I’m just going to have to wing it, I guess, and work with what I have. After all, there’s only so many months left in the year 2019, and I need to jump ahead of them.