#IndieWeb Updates For December 6th

as a citizen, I want to inform everyone of a couple of things that are happening based on recent happenings here in the community, so a huge thank you to everyone for putting up with this. In short, here we go

Change In Domain from .net to .org

In light of the recent change with PIR, and after watching several members of our community, I have decided to follow a couple of examples. The external domain will now have a .org TLD. .net will be my internal active Directory domain, which I will elaborate on in another post for another day.

With A New server Comes More Service Opportunities

I just recently bought a R620 (I have a nice picture of her in a previous post that a friend of mine took during the system building phase), and she has made many things that I have wanted to pursue for a very long time actually become possible. Very shortly, probably this coming weekend, I will be migrating all of my content off of my existing shared Windows hosting plan (hats off to Joe Davis from I7Media, and onto a server running on my beautiful Dell (for those who didn’t remember it, her name’s Dianda.) But that certainly isn’t all. My second goal with this new environment is to also assist some of the IndieWeb developers who have instances running of software, and so far there’s is the only instance. I will be running a Monocle and an Aperture instance, in hopes that the new social web will have greater chances to flourish. In addition, a public Friendica instance will also be available for Indiewebbers, technologists, and just great people in general for those who need a break from the annoyances of the Algorithm. I will decide on other public instances of things providing resources allow, so more updates to come on that. All for now.

Until next time.

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