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    It’s been a while since I’ve listened to them. Dang. Nice, and good luck!

    Katherine, I noticed the other day that some of your posts, like this one, is duplicating content, and was sure I’d seen something about it in one of the IW chat logs. This morning I came across a post from Davey Moloney that confirmed my suspicions about a potential bug in the Autonomie theme which I think you’re also using. He said:

    The Autonomie theme had been displaying duplicate status updates on my site recently. A quick re-install of the most-up-to-date theme package seems to have fixed everything.

    I know you’ve recently set up your new site, so I thought I’d mention it so you don’t waste time trying to track down the bug, which will hopefully clear up with a refresh of the theme files.
    I’ll also mention in passing that your menu bar has two “About Me” links (likely introduced because you’re using your about me as your home page–this happened to me a year ago or so), and you’ve left a “Sample Page” published, so that is also hiding in your menu bar as well.

    1. Thanks. I was unaware of the bug, so good catch. I’ll definitely refresh those files! And thanks for reminding me about that sample page. I meant to clear that one out. Whoops? I was wondering why I was getting two pages for the home page. That happened on my community site, as well, for some odd reason.

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