A 2020 Goal

I decided in late October that I want to be off Facebook by the new year. I think the company is awful for a lot of reasons. At that time, the most recent reasons were Zuck saying Facebook wouldn’t prohibit political ads with outright lies in them. They also took down some pro-vaccine ads while le…

This is a wonderful goal, one which I wish I could share, as well. I can’t. I have friends that won’t move from because of groups, and I have the same problem.
A manual tweak for icons in the Syndication Links plugin (BoffoSocko)

I’m not sure why I had never manually done the fix before, but I’ve had issues1 2 with the Syndication Links plugin showing icons for the reading.am service and my old chrisaldrich.wordpress

Love this. My question, though. How does one get reading.am to work? I have tried to find a way to have all of my reads go to my site as such, but even with the Chrome extension, haven’t figured it out yet. I won’t proceed with this until the bugs are fixed.
Day 1: Lwa’s in Pre-Pre-Alpha by Jacky Alciné

First day of my IndieWeb Challenge for December and it’s going to be about Lwa. I think this whole week might be! I’ve released a “stable” candidate that lets you know what your site needs to work with it. Be sure to try it out and let me know what you think! I’ve also added a page to let you previe…

I just have to say. This is pretty great. I need to try it out; last couple of times gave a internal server error, though I am sure those have all been caught by now and fixed. Good luck, and I will tell you how it goes`! fo the win!