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@smokey Evil has a way of creeping in.The thing that worries me the most would be the humans running micro.blog being overwhelmed. It’s easier to scale algorithms. But as we see with the other platforms, algos can’t really deal with this kind of issue.
Like you I don’t see a major risk on the …

I have to say that I agree with you guys 100%. I don’t think anyone would follow someone from there, but then again, there’s nothing stopping them if they did. My only concern is working that lead, considering there are lots of organizations out there that a rather unsavory. I can go on and on all day about this, however, I’ll spare you guys.
How my editor looks is important to me (baty.net)

This post at irreal laments the fact that people make such a big deal out of how their text editor looks, suggesting that it’s only the functionality that matters.
He quotes Vivak Halder…
“why should you ever care how your editor looks, unless you’re trying to win a screenshot competition?”
In general, I agree. What my editor can do and how it does it is what’s most important.