Server and Workstation Updates: Part 1

This week started with a day off for Memorial Day (I don’t normally get that day off in light of the fact my service desk position is technically a 24-hour position, and lately, I’ve been slotted to work for most of the Monday holidays that have so far occurred this year), so that was definitely a treat for a change. Arrived back from NH to MA fairly early in the morning, which was also nice, since it gave me a chance to be more productive than I’ve been at home for the past few weeks, it seems. Read on to find out why …


Networking Upgrades and More


I decided a while ago that I would upgrade my technological environment at home, beginning with a desktop computer (more posts about it to come) and after doing some reading, I finally concluded that the best option for me at the moment in the server department would be to replace the motherboard on my existing PowerEdge T110. For those who don’t know, you can actually replace T110 components with those belonging to the next generation, which is the T110 II, which gives a definite improvement in performance, and of course, more memory. I plan to upgrade mine eventually to its full 32 gigabytes of RAM.

The plan is in the long run to have two servers, one acting as the core of the production network, and then the other, acting as a lab unit (though both of them will be on at all times). Not sure what the second unit will be, but ideally, possibly a R620 or R630. Follow more on that to come, as well. That’s it for now, but keep reading for upcoming posts discussing both my OptiPlex 7040 desktop workstation, as well as the adventures with the T110.

Bridging IndieWeb and Steem Blockchain

Evening everyone. This is my first post where I combine both the power of the Indieweb and that of the Steem blockchain in one location, that of my own personal web site, rather than posting on Steem first. After reading mixed reviews of the Steempress plugin, I’ve taken the leap of faith; hopefully I’ll be able to drive more community engagement this way from both sides of the web.


The Current Problem


One of the most prominent issues that are facing us today are the number of technologies that are all built to accomplish the same thing, that of community engagement. Particularly the concepts behind the Fediverse, The IndieWeb, and social media blockchains. It’s very difficult to tell which, if any will win out in the end, but for now, I’m with everyone at once, trying to gain as much engagement as I possibly can, while considering the rewards secondary to the experience on Steem. Of course, they are part of it, for it would not be a proof-of-brain cryptocurrency otherwise, but let’s just see what happens with this. Will it succeed, or will it fail?