About Me

Welcome to the personal site of yet another tech and music enthusiast. Other things are discussed up here, too, so stay a while, you never know what will show up from day to day.


In the Beginning

Born in Boston in 1989, I have been legally blind from birth. For the first two years of life, in fact, I had no vision at all. that changed in 1991, when my left retina randomly reattached itself, and to this day, no doctor has yet discovered any sort of  scientific explanation for it. I have my thoughts and theories, but I suppose I’ll never learn the true reasoning for this event until the next life.

I had a relatively normal childhood, except for the fact I switched schools perhaps more than the average student does. the reasoning for that is in light of my visual impairment, it took some moving around to find a good fit. That culminated in me attending college at Gordon College, a Christian school in Wenham, Massachusetts, where I graduated in 2013 with a degree in English.


After College

Since I was around seven years old or so, I became interested in computers thanks to my grandfather taking me with him on several occasions to work, but that interest didn’t exactly taper off when I grew older, but you could say it went on the back burner, to use a common saying. It wasn’t until college, during my junior year, to put it truthfully, when I realized where my true passions lay; being those  of technology, and of course, music, something I’d been doing since the age of six. this was around 2011. I was taken in by the then information security officer, who also played the IT director role more often than not, and during my time outside of class, I would do work study activities with him; he gave me my first taste of the Windows serverr world in earnest (we can talk all day about my spats in the community that went on from around 2009 and onward between the Microsoft and the open source proponents, for then the distinction was more prominent), where I was able to familiarize myself with the likes of Windows server, sharepoint 2013, and Active Directory. from then on, my interest grew, and I could see so many different possibilities with all of my newfound knowledge. Unfortunately, the work study project where I had attempted to deploy a Sharepoint site to take the place of some of the more aged applications in service at Gordon never came to be, but that doesn’t mean much since I was able to transport my knowledge with me beyond the campus. And I thank the higher powers for sending me into my mentor’s hands every day.




several years have since passed, and since 2014, one of my best friends took over where the college staff left off. I can now confidently claim a few years of experience in the likes of Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Web technologies, and today, I’m slowly branching out into other things, among them, becoming a decentralized internet citizen through the principles of the Indie Web. this site will chronicle my indie web journey in addition to other things.